George Zimmerman turned himself in to Florida authorities Sunday after a judge revoked his bond in the Trayvon Martin shooting case.

The 28-year-old neighborhood watchman arrived at the Seminole County Jail shortly before 2 p.m. EDT. He had a 2:30 p.m. deadline and was given 48 hours to surrender to police when his bond was revoked Friday. A judge believes that Zimmerman and his wife misled the court about their finances back in April.

Zimmerman, charged with second-degree murder for killing Martin Feb. 26, had been released on $150,000 bond, but a website set up to collect donations for his defense brought in more than $200,000.

The Seminole County sheriff said Zimmerman will not appear in court Monday, but will remain in administrative confinement.

He's quiet and cooperative, the sheriff said.

Zimmerman returned to Central Florida late Saturday evening. He was staying in a secure and undisclosed location since threats were made on his life. For his return, Zimmerman's team sought the cooperation from police to ensure his safety.

Martin, 17, was reportedly returning to his father's house in a gated community from a convenience store when he was killed. Zimmerman, who has pleaded not guilty to the charge, said he shot Martin in self-defense after the youth attacked him.

Zimmerman's attorny Mark O'Mara will be filing a motion Monday, asking that the judge revisit the bond status.

When asked how Zimmerman is holding up, O'Mara said, He's solemn and worried about his safety and that he has to come out of hiding.