German GDP seasonally adjusted for the fourth quarter came in line with both expectations and the advanced reading at 0.0%. The annual reading working days adjusted also matched anticipations and the advanced readings of -2.4%, and the non-seasonally-adjusted reading came analogous to both predictions and the advanced at -1.7%.

Looking into details, private consumption came in at -1.0%, similar to the revised from the initial -0.9% and estimates of -0.8%. Government spending slid to -0.6% from the revised 1.2% from -0.6% and 0.0% expected. Capital investment dropped to -0.7% from 1.3% revised to 0.9% and estimates of -1.3%. Construction investment slid to -0.5% from 1.5% revised to 0.7% and forecasts of -2.0%. Domestic demand plunged to -2.1% from 1.3% prior and -0.6% projected. Exports rose to 3.0% from 3.4% revised to -10.5% and the estimated 1.9%, while imports reached -1.8% from the revised 5.2% from -1.8% and predictions of -0.5%.