The final GDP revision for the first quarter confirmed the strong 1.5% quarterly expansion in Germany to with an adjusted 4.9% and an unadjusted 5.2%.

Growth was supported by Gross Capital Investment that surged 5.0% following 0.1% drop the previous quarter, and added 0.9% to the GDP. Construction was also very strong with 6.2% rise following 2.6% contraction. Private consumption rose 0.4% following 0.6%.

Exports were also a strong contribution expanding 2.3% following 1.8% where net exports contributed by 0.5% to the GDP. The only subtraction from the GPD was inventories that cut 0.4%.

Government consumption rose 1.3% on the quarter following 0.2% drop and added 0.2% to the GDP after not contributing to the fourth quarter growth.