German lawmakers late Monday gave Chancellor Angela Merkel a much sought-after victory by voting overwhelmingly to support a second $172 billion rescue package for Greece.

The vote was 496-90 with five abstentions.

Merkel, who acknowledged that Greece failed to meet the conditions of its first rescue package of $148 billion, had nevertheless argued that failure to support the measure would cause incalculable damage.

Europe will fail if the euro fails. Europe wins if the euro wins, she said in a statement to the Bundestag. I must sometimes take risks -- but I mustn't enter into adventures, my oath of office forbids me to do that.

Every member state bears responsibility for itself, but also for the entire euro zone.

Merkel admitted that even if Greece gets the money, essential if it is to meet a March 20 bond redemption, the debt-choked nation could still default or leave the euro zone.

The measure required 311 votes to reach a majority in the 620-member parliament. Merkel's government of Christian Democrats and Free Democrats holds 330 seats.

Earlier Monday the chancellor publicly chastised her interior minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich, for saying Greece should be urged to leave the euro zone, Der Spiegel said. Friedrich later withdrew his comments.

His views reflect those of the German electorate, 62 percent of which oppose spending Germany money on a second aid package for Greece.