Offshore Wind Power promises currently the highest growth rates among the renewable energies. Ideal is an area with constant strong winds and less than 150 feet deep water. For Germany, though the US made up a lot in recent years still one of the world leaders in renewable energy, this is an area like the North Sea.

Where pilot parks as Alpha Ventus produce about 5% more energy than expected, 81 more parks are planned. New specialized ships allow to build up one of these parks within a year. Just last week the first commercial park 'Global Tech One' project group Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH confirmed over 1 billion Euro (1.4 billion US Dollar) in loans and is waiting for one final credit line from a German state owned investment bank. Once completed two of these parks equal one nuclear power plant in their energy production and can power about 900,000 households.

50 year old Willi Balz, founder, chairman, only share holder and mastermind of the project group bought the rights to build wind parks on about 35% of the usable area in the German part of the North Sea. Between 2012 and 2020 he plans to build one park per year, which would general a combined 11.2 KWh..

Investing into green energies becomes increasingly popular as in 2010 worldwide investments reached 211 billion US Dollar, which is about a one third increase to 2009. The survey Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investments 2011 showed the largest share of these funds were invested into wind parks. China leads the ranking with 48.9 billion US Dollar invested.

After Global Tech I Balz will build MEG 1 in 2013, which already receive all permissions needed to go ahead with the construction. Combined these two parks are a 3 billion Euro (4 billion USD) investment. Accordingly his total revenue went up 25% to 120 million Euro, whereas the profit went down to 2.3 million Euro. The reason for this is his company is building ready to use plant, which let's him carry all planning costs until the completed product could be sold to the customer.

Balz' company is listen with the TecDAX. Currently he is searcing to raise 75 million Euro through bond on his company. The subscription period ends on July 14. The bond will be traded at the Stuttgart Stock Exchange one day later. The company placed its first bonds for 50 million Euro in 2010.