Facts and Map
Capital: Berlin
Area: 356978km2
Population: 82540000
Currency: Euro (EUR)


The country at the heart of Europe that’s so rich in culture and history, we’re simply bursting. Albert
Einstein once said “the most beautiful thing we can experience is the
mysterious.” Germany is the land of the mysterious. From fairytales
castles perched tantalisingly high on craggy mountain tops, so tiny
romantic villages with chocolate box charm.

Germany’s landscape is as diverse as any country in the world. From
the awe-inspiring Alpine Foreland, home to the Zugspitze mountain,
Germany’s tallest at 2.962 meters (9.715 feet), providing a playground
for hikers in summer and skiers and snowboarders in winter; down to the
spotless 38 kilometer (24 mile) stretch of golden sandy beach on the
island of Sylt and the National Park of Wattenmeer in the North. Or the
Black Forest, which is not only abundant in fragrant flora and fauna,
but also with myths and legends of the fairies and goblins that reside


For any visitor with a curious mind, Germany’s cities never fail to delight.

The great and exhilarating cities of Berlin, Germany’s fascinating
capital city, with its exceptional architecture, 150 theatres, 170
museums, two-mile long shopping district and numerous festivals;
Hamburg, with a maze of canals and waterways and the famous Reeperbahn;
Munich, the state capital of Bavaria, popular all year round with its
snow-capped Alps and sunny beer gardens; and Frankfurt, a modern and
dynamic city of industry and finance, with one of the world’s largest
exhibition centers and Germany’s busiest airport creating a gateway
through Germany and beyond.

We invite you to discover our favourite places and welcome
you in with open arms. We hope your stay in Germany is as magical as
any time you’ve ever had.