In the latest bit of iPhone news, T-Mobile reported this morning said it has sold more than 10,000 of Apple's iPhones on the first day the gadget was available in Germany. Customers are getting their hands on the iPhone in retail stores and over the Internet. T-Mobile is the mobile services division of Deutsche Telekom, which holds exclusive sales rights for the phone in Germany. AT&T (T) maintains the U.S. rights.

In a statement to the press, T-Mobile noted that The company is well prepared to meet high demand for the iPhones, but noted the possibility that demand in the holiday-shopping season could outpace supply. In other words, stock up early.

Fans of new gadgets were also lined up in the streets of the U.K., where the iPhone also debuted on Friday. The largest mobile-phone retailer in Europe, Carphone Warehouse PLC, expects to unload 10,000 of the devices during the first day of sale.

The news has failed to lift AAPL out of its doldrums the shares are down 2.5% today after shedding nearly 6% in Thursday's trading. This pullback follows Wednesday's move to yet another new all-time high.