Today, Germany released its seasonally adjusted GDP for the second quarter, coming inline with the preliminary and expected reading at 0.3%. As for the annual working days adjusted reading for the same quarter, it came analogous to the preliminary and anticipated readings at -5.9%, while the yearly non-seasonally-adjusted reading, came similar to the preliminary and estimated readings at -7.1%.

Private consumption rose to 0.7% from the revised previous reading of 0.6% from 0.5% and higher than the predicted 0.3%; capital investment climbed to 0.8% higher than the revised preliminary reading of -7.7% from -7.9% and the forecasted -2.5 percent; while, construction investment rose to 1.4% from the revised preliminary reading of 0.2% from -2.6% and better than the anticipated reading of 2.0 percent.

Also released were imports for the second quarter final reading, coming in at -5.1% which is better than the revised preliminary of -5.3% from -5.4%, while worse than the projected reading of -4.0%. Exports for the same quarter rose to -1.2%, beating expectations of -1.3%, while higher than the revised previous reading of -10.5% from -9.7 percent.