Do you sit for hours vegetating in front of the television?

No doubt, T.V. is an addictive pass-time for many, and I could preach all day telling them to get to the gym--but some would take absolutely no heed!

So, let's compromise here...

How are you with multitasking?

Can you see yourself using your T.V. viewing time as a distraction tool for getting in shape?

It's fact that most people simply aren't getting enough exercise. So, if you're sitting around watching T.V. for hours on end, my compromise is to combine the two.

If you want to watch every episode ever made of Seinfeld, you better dust down your workout gear! Think of it, running for 30 minutes staring at a wall would be tough for most people, but by watching T.V. at the same time is might just be do-able!

Your new mantra could be this: I won't watch T.V. unless I'm doing something fitness related.

If you're not into T.V. watching, perhaps listening to a narrated book, or a podcast would be a good idea.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • If you're fortunate enough to have an elliptical trainer, or a stationary bike use it through the first half of the program.
  • Do mini bursts of cardio on an aerobic step for the length of one commercial break.
  • Grab some free weights or a resistance band and work on toning up your arms.
  • Do a few pushups against the wall or the back of your couch.
  • Chair squats are also great--try doing them for the length of one commercial.
  • Do some Pilates stretches as the credits roll to cool down.

So, do you have a distraction tool to take your mind off the monotony of exercise? Share your ideas with us!