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According to an Australian three-year study, pet owners have reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels than those without pets.

Dr Anne Mcbride, psychologist who studies the bond between humans and animals feels sharing your life with a pet brings in many advantages.

Once you've found the right pet for you and your lifestyle, you get so much back from them.

Mentally there's the benefit of companionship and the pleasure of having an animal to play with or confide in.

Having pets according to Dr Mcbride, gives positive effects such as lower blood pressure, better respiration, and it also helps through laughter. A good laugh lowers cortisol - stress hormone - and releases serotonin -the happy hormone.

Based on another study of 48 stockbrokers with raised blood pressure conducted in 1999 by the State University of New York, it was found that stockbrokers who were given pets experienced a lesser rise in blood pressure compared to the control group who had no pets.

Scientists at Warwick University found that children of four to five years of age who had pets at home took 18 per cent sick days compared to their pet-less counterparts.

Another research, said Jo-Ann Fowler, director of the Society for Companion Animal studies showed children with pets has better immune response.

There is research to show that children who are exposed to pets within the first year of their life have a lower incidence of hay fever and asthma and are less likely to develop allergies to animals.

The companionship that pets provide can have a calming influence on children during stressful periods in their lives.

She stated as an example that there is proof to show that kids cope better with divorce when they have a pet.