London City Hall,J.Salmoral on flickr

Defined by New York Magazine as the 21st century’s archetypical world

capital, it’s fair to say that London is a city with a lot going for

it. Indeed, with its endless array of cafés, bars and nightclubs, and

its plethora of parks, museums, shopping opportunities and cultural

events, there is something to amuse and entertain even the most

intrepid of explorers.

And although there is a large range of

permanent activities and sights to indulge in, it’s London’s

chock-a-block annual events calendar that packs the real punch. So, if

you’re stuck for something to do this summer, it definitely makes sense

to head to England’s capital.

With music

playing a huge part in the city’s cultural scene, it is little wonder

that there are so many dedicated festivals and events taking place in

the sunnier months. In fact, from well known chart toppers and

experimental jazz performances, to live dance shows and rock concerts, London has it all. Get Loaded in the Park and iTunes Live are two festivals that shouldn’t be missed.


huge range of cultural festivals and street fairs are also well worth a

visit. And, with something happening every other day, you will be

spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which ones to attend. For

example, the Notting Hill Carnival

is one of the most famous events of its kind, and is renowned for the

wealth of entertainment on offer. Taking place over the August bank

holiday weekend, it promises to be a fascinating and dazzling

attraction, as well as one of the biggest street parties around!

Thames Festival,ge'shmally on flickr

The City of London Festival is also renowned for providing onlookers with a feast of live street theatre and musical performances, whilst the Coin Street Festival is great for experiencing a host of different cultures from around the world.


the weather is just too hot to participate in anything energetic, then

a great option is to head to one of the city’s many parks or lidos.

Bursting with a huge range of shady places to retreat and watery

refuges to cool off in - all whilst soaking up London’s electric

atmosphere - they are a great alternative to hitting the dusty streets.

Regents Park is a good bet, with the zoo housed within and Madame

Tussauds located nearby, whilst Brockwell Park Lido is excellent for

taking a cooling dip in a relaxed atmosphere.

So, with its

range of summer options just waiting to be enjoyed, the English capital

is most definitely the place to be this summer. And, in addition to its

huge cultural programme, there are also a number of exquisite eateries

to experience and fantastic London hotels to stay in.