Getfugu Inc., a technology company focused on developing mobile search tools, announced late this morning that it will soon be releasing its unique new mobile search tool that enables consumers to bypass typing in URL’s on their mobile phones by offering four unique services: See It, vision recognition (ARL); Say It, voice recognition (VRL); Find It, location recognition (GRL); Get It, Hot-Spotting. September 9, 2009 is the anticipated launch date.

David Warthen, Chief Technology Officer of Getfugu, stated that the technology allows consumers to experience the Internet on cell phones in “an entirely new way.” Camera cell phones installed with the software will be able to recognize logos and products to retrieve content from the brand owner. Phones will also be able to recognize human speech to find destinations. The software can also work with integrated GPS systems to return content based on the position of the user.

Getfugu would also allow advertisers to monetize their marketing efforts through Hot-Spotting, an ecommerce tool that enables consumers to purchase or retrieve information on any item featured simply by touching it on the screen. In addition, local businesses can pay for voice-activated key words to position themselves at the top of the search list.

In preparation for the launch date, Getfugu has selected several entertainment, technological and broadcast executives to join its management team and board, including Michael Jay Solomon, founder and Chairman/CEO of Telepictures Corporation, as Chairman of the Board; CEO Bernard Stolar, former Game Evangelist at Google, and Ask Jeeves ( Founder, David Warthen, CTO. The company’s search technology has already been positively reviewed by Interpublic’s popular brands and agency partners through the company’s recent strategic alliances with IPG’s Emerging Media Lab, a leading center for consumer research.