GetFugu Inc.’s technology is targeted at consumers who spend valuable hunting for entertainment, news, sports results, shopping and more on their mobile phones. GetFugu offers ease of operation and direct connection to the internet without tedious typing in of URL addresses for commercial transactions.

The company announced today that a “new and improved” version of its popular mobile application is now available. Company co-founder Rich Jenkins said, “This new version includes improvements to our voice recognition software. We have received a substantial amount of feedback from consumers on the voice recognition portion of our new application since its launch. They have requested changes and we have complied.”

Mr. Jenkins went on, “GetFugu is all about consumer experience. Whatever they want, they will get. The consumer will ALWAYS play a major role in our continued development.”

GetFugu also announced a new public service that will launch October 1, 2009. This new service will provide consumers simple access to items for everyday needs. Consumers can initiate a public service search by simply adding the word “get” to their query. For example, typing in “get gas” will provide users with a map of the closest gas stations.

These new features followed the September 9, 2009 launch of GetFugu’s four unique services – “See It,” vision recognition; “Say It,” voice recognition; “Find It,” location recognition; and “Get It,” Hot-Spotting services with an application for Google’s Android mobile phone platform. This was followed up the next day with a similar application for Apple’s iPhone platform.