GetFugu Inc. announced earlier today that it has selected Bernard Stolar to be its new Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Stolar has over two decades of experience in the video game industry, including serving as president of the Lynx Division for Atari Corporation and founding Pacific Novelty Manufacturing, which was known as one of the largest video arcade manufacturers in the nation.

Leathem Stearn, Chairman of GetFugu, commented, “GetFugu has built the next generation mobile search tool. It will revolutionize the way people use their mobile phones. In looking for a CEO, we needed an industry veteran who could help us manage our current explosive growth and complete building our team. Bernie is perfect for this task. He has tremendous leadership abilities, strong financial and operational skills, and superb judgment. We are confident he has the strategic and creative vision to take the Company forward and execute our business model.”

Since February of 2007, Mr. Stolar served as Games Industry Evangelist for Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) where he was responsible for ramping up in-game advertising. Previous to that, he spent 2 years at Mattel Interactive where he oversaw all of Mattel’s software, online and computer-enhanced toys (including all product and business development, marketing, sales and operations). He joined Mattel in January 2000 after serving as president and chief operating officer of Sega of America and Sega Entertainment, where he led Sega’s console and PC gaming businesses in North America.

Bernie Stolar stated, “I have been deeply involved with application development for most of my professional career. GetFugu has developed most unique mobile technology that I have seen to date. It has already established a new standard for mobile search. GetFugu already has an exceptional team and developed state of the art applications. This gives them the ability to define the mobile digital revolution and leverage their technology in many different sectors. I am excited about what we can do together. I see this as the first chapter in a long-running and successful partnership with GetFugu.”