Getfugu Inc. is an interactive company that is starting to catch the attention of investors. With their revolutionary “See It, Say It, Get It” technology, Getfugu may change the way people access the web from their phones. Today, Getfugu took a major step towards prominence with a major announcement.

Getfugu announced they have signed an agreement with Weiser Creative and Bullseye Marketing to introduce Getfugu to 21 million homes through shared mail, to their current 2,500 businesses and an additional 2.4 Million Retail Businesses targeted through the NewBizPak mailings. The two businesses will also work to develop interactive mobile applications. The global application market is now worth $4.2 billion, with iPhone delivering a share of 70 percent.

Leading the way at Weiser and Bullseye is Scott Barker who serves as both President and CEO. When asked about joining forces with Getfugu, Barker was quoted as saying, “We and Getfugu are made for each other. We have proven over the years that great commercial success can be had from directly connecting business with customers. We are certain our association will deliver increased bottom-line results to thousands of businesses, large and small.”

Getfugu is already available on several major platforms such as iPhone, Blackberry and many others. On the other hand, Weiser and Bullseye have created successful campaigns for an array of industries which stem from such corporations as City National Bank to Hyatt Hotels. The strengths of this partnership could produce major results.

When asked his thoughts on the future of Getfugu, their co-founder and business development executive Rich Jenkins stated, “Just as Getfugu is applicable to all phone platforms, our key consumer services: ‘See it,’ ‘Say it’ and ‘Get It’ applies to every business, not only in the U.S., but around the world. Business owners should be able to see increased walk-in and Internet sales as customers, able to quickly locate not only a product or service, but the nearest store carrying the item, its location, and a map to the closest venue. It will not be long before purchase of a particular item can be accomplished through Getfugu.”

Currently, Getfugu is trading in the $0.10 range. With a multitude of products in their pipeline and this cutting-edge partnership with Weiser Creative and Bullseye Marketing, Getfugu Inc. is a company to keep an eye on.

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