Getfugu Incorporated is the first technology architect to provide a carrier agnostic, platform agnostic mobile search platform. The GetFugu platform will be available for 97% of the mobile phones available worldwide. Additionally, GetFugu includes the only global mobile ecommerce platform available today.

Getfugu today unveiled its next generation search tool and new business model that redefines the way that mobile phone users will access the web. The company is expected to launch the BETA version of its application before Labor Day 2009. Getfugu’s platform is designed to encourage use of its applications by simply integrating the mobile phones’ core strengths (image recognition, voice recognition, location recognition) into a single customizable platform.

Getfugu CEO Bernie Stolar said, “Getfugu will help consumers retrieve web-based content. So rather than type a website address or search term into a browser, consumers turn to Getfugu. Our goal is to become the ultimate standard for mobile web-search by simplifying the customer journey and delivering a flawless Direct-Connect service”.

Getfugu offers four services within its application:

See It – Vision Recognition – This application recognizes logos and products through any mobile phone camera. Consumers point their phone at a logo and receive content from the brand owner.
Say It – Voice Recognition – The consumer can simply speak into the phone to retrieve content. In addition to brand names, the consumer can say generic words such as “pizza”.
Find It – Location Recognition – For local content, this application is designed to work with the mobile phone’s GPS system. The application will return content based on the proximity to the user.
Get It – Hotspotting – This is a mobile ecommerce tool that allows advertisers to monetize their marketing efforts. This application will involve a 50/50 revenue split of net profits with the advertiser on a transaction basis.

Getfugu will use a monthly subscription business model. The company will charge $9.99 per month for small businesses and $99 per month for companies with ten or more employees. This fee is based on a single logo (markers) or keyword and includes a single ARL/VRL/GRL for an unlimited amount of traffic. Fortune 500 companies that use multiple forms of advertising will purchase multiple markers to track their ads.