Summer is the exact opposite of winter. During winter, everything is cold and icy while during summer everything is hot and dry. The changes in temperature do not only affect the environment but it also affects the road. In winter, the roads tend to be slippery because of snow and ice while in summer the roads tend to be hot because the sun is beating down on it. Driving around town during summer with winter tyres installed in your car is not a good idea. You have to understand that winter tyres are tyres made to use during the winter season only. In addition to that, your car's performance can decrease during the summer when you are using winter tyres. Therefore, for better performance even during the hottest summer day you need to install summer tires in your car.

Winter tyres have deep treads to improve traction during the winter season. Summer tires on the other hand have different treads. These tyres do not have deep treads to provide traction while driving on a summer road. Instead, summer tires rely on a softer rubber compound. This softer rubber compound improves traction and braking. The viscosity of this rubber enables it to grip unto the road surface thus keeping your car from sliding off the road especially when you are making sharp turns. Moreover, there are also summer tires that come with specialized tread patterns. These specialized tread designs allow it to have better traction even on rain-soaked roads. These tread patterns are made to channel water up and away from the car.

Either depending on the type of summer tires that you purchase, these tyres can wear faster or it can have a longer lifespan. If you want your summer tires to last longer than the summer season then you can always opt for high performance summer tires. These tyres are similar to those tyres used in car racing. These high performance summer tires tyresive you better performance even when driving on extremely dry weather conditions. If you are worried about hydroplaning, while driving your car on a summer road then choose narrower summer tires. These tyres are narrow enough to keep your cars balance and prevent hydroplaning.

There is nothing wrong with buying summer tires during summer. It may be an added cost but it will help ensure not only your safety but your family's safety as well. All-season tyres may be a good option but summer tires are the best options when it comes to driving during summer.

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