The owners of a historic home in Carthage, Mo., say the upkeep of the 150-year-old home known as Kendrick Place was getting to be too expensive. But a group of ghost hunters stepped in offering monthly tours of the historic home that have helped to offset the rising costs and, at least for now, preserve the home.

The ghost hunters, known as The Paranormal Science Lab, use audio and camera equipment to look for paranormal activity, offering visitors the chance to search for mysterious activity in the home.

Kelly Harris, chair of Victorian Carthage which owns Kendrick Place, says the tours are helping to preserve the home, which is one of the few homes and structures in the city to have survived the Civil War.

It just allowed us to stay open for a few more months, Harris told The Associated Press. Even in an old house like this, the expenses are unbelievable. It's important to get people out here to preserve the house and preserve our history.

The ghost tours focus on the home's history and its construction. The home once served as a hospital for soldiers in 1861 during the Civil War and still has a table in the home that was once used as an operating table.

I would just hate to see something happen to [the home], Harris says. I think if we can't keep it open, we're going to have to sell it or do something with it and I don't know what would happen to it.

Source: Historic House in Carthage Helped by Paranormal Science Lab, The Associated Press (Jan. 11, 2011)