Everyone knows that New York City has a rat problem, but this is ridiculous. People working near the world famous Plaza Hotel, next to Central Park, report seeing rats the size of rabbits.

At the Fifth Avenue - Central Park South location, rodents are apparently getting fat off of horse-feed, left behind by the many horse-drawn carriages that tour the area.

I'm sure people are spooked by them. I know I am, said hansom cab driver Adrian Livingston, according to UPI. Compared to last year, it's off the scales.

Not only are some rats growing in size, but the rodent population appears to be booming as well. Other speculators blame the rise on an increase of garbage in the area. The more tourists, the more garbage. And the more garbage, as any New Yorker knows, the more rats.

The shrubs came alive, shaking as the squealing rodents darted in and out of the bushes and onto the surrounding sidewalks, a Daily News reporter said Monday.

They are everywhere, whether you see them or not, Francis Quinta of Brooklyn told the paper. I would rather they weren't there, but what are you going to do?

Neither Parks nor the Central Park Conservancy has received any complaints or seen an increase in rat activity at Grand Army Plaza, Parks Department spokesman Philip Abramson said. But we are maintaining and monitoring the area on a regular basis.