New York, NY - The New York Giants' ticker tape parade on Tuesday created an estimated $38 million boost for downtown Manhattan, according to Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Thousands of fans took to the Financial District of New York to cheer on Eli Manning and the rest of the New York Giants for their triumph over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday. With so many fans coming from outside of downtown Manhattan, it created a boon for local businesses and entrepreneurial types.

Throughout the streets of Lower Manhattan, sellers hawked a wide variety of Super Bowl commemorative clothing for anywhere from $5 for the lowest quality t-shirt to upward of $30 for a Super Bowl sweatshirt.

One seller named Steve came up from Washington, D.C. with seven other associates to sell t-shirts to the impressionable masses. Steve sold his $10 t-shirts in front of Chase bank on Broadway and expected his team to sell more than 1200 shirts over the course of the day.

There is a lot of money in t-shirts, he said. Who can come here and not buy a t-shirt in your hometown whey they won the Super Bowl?

Steve said that they began the process of selling the shirts right after the Super Bowl ended and it took about 10 hours to print up all of the shirts. His group of t-shirt sellers attends major sporting events throughout the country to sell merchandise, but noted that NASCAR events consistently are the most lucrative.

Elsewhere, patrons packed local eateries and watering holes after a long day waiting for the victory parade. Jim Brady's on Maiden wasn't too crowded immediately after the parade ended, but was bursting at the seams by the time Mayor Bloomberg took the stage at City Hall.

Fans danced, sang, and cheered while watching Bloomberg give keys to the city to Giants players on the restaurant's wall screen television. A hostess for the restaurant said that it was a significantly larger-than usual lunch crowd, as both the bar and dining areas of the restaurant were packed with Giants wearing customers.

At another bar - Killarney Rose off of William St. - the scene was quite similar. The bar was packed with fans in Eli Manning and Victor Cruz jerseys looking for a good Irish bar to throw back a few drinks before making the trek back to wherever they came from. Fans were seen indulging in a few Jameson shots while cheering on Cruz as he danced the salsa across the City Hall stage.

It was a nice mid-week boost for Lower Manhattan. The area that encases Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange is filled with financial businessmen, but the Time Square area in Midtown is oft-preferred by tourists.

But on Tuesday it was all about being downtown and having an opportunity to catch a glimpse of one of the newest Super Bowl champions.

You got to be in here to celebrate, Judy Daleo, who was joined by three of her friends at the parade. I've been a Giants fans since I was four years old and you have to be here when they come down this road to show them what they do for their fans is unbelievable.