If Sunday's NFL playoff game is anything like last weekend's, tens of thousands will be tuning in to cheer on Big Blue -- even a man that lives in the woods who goes by the name Sabas.

Sabas, known as the Cave Man of Inwood Hill Park according to the New York Times, has lived outside for years, but has always remained passionate about big football games. Not only does he watch Giants, he also told a Times reporter that he watches college bowl games as well.

I don't really root for any team, but I love good rushing, good passing, Sabas told the Times. Sabas, a Korean War veteran prefers avoiding the complications of city life.  About his life in the woods, Sabas told the times he's just, waking up each morning and watching the sun come up, and just living life.

The Cave Man of Inwood Hill Park watches football anywhere he can, presumably local bars and restaurants. He keeps up with sports news on the transistor radio that he keeps beside him.