GigOptix Inc., a leading provider of electronic engines for the optically connected digital world, announced this morning before the opening bell that their contract with DARPA MTO has been extended. Under the terms of the agreement, low driving voltage, broadband Mach-Zehnder (MZ) modulators will be fabricated using GigOptix’s Electro-Optic (EO) polymer material for operation at very low temperatures for applications in supercomputers. The extension increases the total value of the contract to approximately $6.1M and opens new areas of use.

“Due to their intrinsic properties, the EO materials incorporated in GigOptix’s high speed polymer modulators have the potential to operate not only with low driving voltage but also at very low temperatures. Our technology is capable of effectively addressing all these requirements simultaneously,” said Dr. Raluca Dinu, Vice President and General Manager of GigOptix-Bothell business unit.

He added, “We are excited that GigOptix’s EO polymer technology has once more proven its breadth and applicability for demanding military applications. We are continuing in parallel to commercialize the modulator for telecom applications and prove that EO polymers can offer the reliability requested by the industry.” Electro-optic polymer devices are well suited to deliver on the size, weight and power, high-bandwidth, and immunity to electromagnetic interference requirements that are crucial for many defense applications.