Someone better tell Taylor (Michael Winters) to call a town meeting -- and quick! -- because Stars Hollow is about to host one of its biggest events to date: Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai’s (Lauren Graham) wedding -- well, maybe.

During a recent “Gilmore Girls” podcast, Patterson, who will be reuniting with his castmates at the 2015 ATX Television Festival in June, teased fans of the long-running series that “there are talks going on at the moment” about continuing the beloved story that focused on the lives of Lorelai and daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel). Yes, that’s right! He’s talking about a “Gilmore Girls” movie!

“I can’t really go into any details, but there is some activity. I’m hopeful, and I’m in. I think it would be a big event, and I think it would be a great fan celebration,” the actor dished. Patterson then revealed to Huffington Post what plot he'd like to see in the film: It seems he was “miffed” that Luke and Lorelai never got hitched and he wants that rectified. You're not the only one, Scott! 

Fans of the pop culture-infused dramedy are crossing their fingers for a Stars Hollow wedding, but they'd also hope that a “Gilmore Girls” movie would tie up a few other storylines from the seven-season series. Check out the plots we'd want to be included in the possible film:

1. Rory & Jess

Whether you’re Team Jess or not (I know this is a sensitive subject for "Gilmore Girls" fans), this is one storyline that would have to be included in the potential film because, well, Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) is Luke’s nephew. And what kind of uncle would Luke be if he didn’t invite his nephew to his wedding? (Can't you just picture Rory as the Maid of Honor and Jess as Luke’s Best Man?)

As fans well know, Rory and Jess locked lips for the first time at Sookie’s (Melissa McCarthy) wedding. So we’re wondering what kind of rekindling would occur between the two during Lorelai and Luke’s nuptials. After all, the duo proved throughout the series that they had a spark that just couldn’t be extinguished. Would you want Rory and Jess to explore their relationship?

2. Where Is Logan Now?

If the movie includes Jess, it has to at least mention Logan (Matt Czuchry), the man who proposed to Rory in the final season only to get shot down. It would be nice to see what the Huntzberger hottie has accomplished since his split from Rory. Has he continued to expand his business in San Francisco? Or has he returned to the east coast to take on the family business? We’re hoping for the latter (selfishly), because that means Logan has the potential opportunity to “bump” into Rory during the Danes’ wedding as well.

3. Sookie and Jackson

Would a “Gilmore Girls” movie be complete without an appearance from Sookie and her husband, Jackson (Jackson Douglas)? No. We didn’t think so.

We could picture Sookie still running the kitchen of the original Dragonfly Inn (because the business has been so successful Lorelai and Sooki have decided to create a chain) while her husband supplies the inns with fresh produce. Although the two are knee-deep in tomatoes and parsley, they still manage to have time for their growing family. (The series concluded with Sookie still pregnant, so we’re itching for an update on her family –- especially that little one.)

4. Update on Stars Hollow Townspeople

The partial charm about “Gilmore Girls” was the quaint town and the eccentric townsfolk of Stars Hollow. From Miss Patty (Liz Torres) to Kirk (Sean Gunn) and even Mrs. (Kim), it would be nice to see how the Connecticut town and its people have faired since the show ended in 2007.

5. Richard Tribute

Emmy award-winning actor Edward Hermann, who portrayed the role of Richard Gilmore throughout the series, died at the age of 71 in December 2014. According to Deadline, Herrmann passed away a year after being diagnosed with a grade 4 brain tumor.

“Besides being an accomplished actor, Ed was also a true gentleman and a scholar, as well as being an incredibly kind and decent man,” the actor’s manager, Robbie Kass, said to the outlet. “He will be sorely missed.”

That he will. We’re hoping a potential “Gilmore Girls” movie will pay tribute to the Yale alumni who taught us the importance of family along with the lesson that “only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch.”

6. Alternate Ending

In 2009, show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, who left “Gilmore Girls” after Season 6, revealed to Entertainment Weekly that she had “a different path planned for Rory.”

“I wanted different things for Rory,” she stated. “I wanted her to follow a different sort of path… [go] off on her own adventure, which I guess she sort of did. I haven’t [actually] seen the last season, but I heard about it from other people.”

However, the former showrunner wouldn’t divulge what she'd had in mind for the journalist, who ended up not marrying Logan and joining Barack Obama on his presidential campaign trail. Sherman-Palladino stayed mum because she wanted to be able to use that storyline in a “Gilmore Girls” movie -- if it's made.

"I don’t want to totally say [what my ideas were], because if there is a movie in the making, I’m going to be basically delving back into where I left off, and then I’m kind of [screwed],” she said, adding that “anything can happen.”

What storylines would you want included in a possible “Gilmore Girls” movie? Sound off in the comments section below.