“Gilmore Girls” fans were able to return to the TV show they know and love, but unlike Stars Hollow itself, some of the characters were very different. The most noticeably changed was Rory. The character is struggling with her place in life during “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” and her portrayer Alexis Bledel admitted that she didn’t expect Rory to make certain choices.

“I think I’m always trying to understand where Rory’s coming from in the choices she makes in her romantic life, because she’s so together and so successful in everything she does, really, until these episodes start,” Bledel said during a SAG-AFTRA panel in New York Tuesday night.

[Spoiler Alert: The rest of this article discusses the end of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.”]

Rory made some seriously questionable decisions in the four-part Netflix drama. She is dating a new guy named Paul (Jack Carpenter), but she doesn’t seem to really like him. She even cheats on him. She goes to London to have an affair with Logan (Matt Czuchry), who is engaged to someone else. She also has her first one night stand with someone in a Wookie costume.

“I think it’s an interesting part of her character, but one that I’ve always struggled to understand,” Bledel added. “She always kind of picks people who are very different from one another and who challenge her, fortunately, but who don’t necessarily bring out the best in her. So she’s still finding her way, I suppose. I think Amy [Sherman-Palladino, creator] just didn’t want her life to be wrapped up in a bow by the end of this story because she’s still young.”

One of Rory’s questionable romantic choices won’t be quickly forgotten. She ends the series by revealing that she is pregnant. Bledel previously expressed her surprise about the final four words on the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” The actress said that Sherman-Palladino didn’t tell her until the Netflix revival was put together, and she was “very shocked” that Rory was pregnant.

As previously reported, Bledel isn’t sure she wants to return to see Rory as a mom. “Just to keep doing more for the sake of it probably just wouldn't feel satisfying for anybody,” she told E! Online. “We just want to make sure we’re doing it for a really great reason.”

“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” is now available on Netflix.