AEK Athens midfielder Giorgos Katidis might want to rethink the way he celebrates goals.

After scoring a goal in AEK Athens’ Saturday match with Veria, the 20-year-old footballer performed a blatant Nazi salute, earning universal scorn from politicians, fans, and even his fellow players. At one point, Brazilian-born teammate Roger Guerreiro could be seen shooting Katidis a look of pure shock.

In the aftermath of the incident, Katidis took to Twitter, claiming that he despises fascism and didn’t understand the historical connotation of his straight-armed pose. According to German-born AEK coach Ewald Lienen, Katidis doesn’t have any "idea about politics."

Greek soccer officials have slapped Katidis with a lifetime ban from the Greek National Team. Katidis once captained the country’s under-19 squad, but had yet to appear at the senior level.

AEK Athens and the Greek league are also considering additional penalties.

Do you think Greek soccer officials’ decision to give Katidis a lifetime ban is warranted? Check out the video of his celebration and see for yourself: