Brittney Baxter, a 7-year-old girl who was caught on security cameras as she fought off her kidnapper, said she was kicking as hard as she could to escape the clutches of Thomas Woods, 25, the man suspected of trying to take her from an Atlanta Wal-mart.

Brittney Baxter said she was able to escape her attacker because of what her parents taught her about strangers and Stranger Danger. The little girl was looking at toys when Woods grabbed her and tried to put his hand over her mouth and tried to take her away. Woods tried talking to the girl when she was toy shopping and she told him she was going to see what her mother was up to before he grabbed her.

Yeah, I was just like trying to do like this and kick as hard as I can, Brittney Baxter told the media.

Woods, who was later identified, dropped Brittney Baxter and ran out of the store.

Police who reviewed Wal-mart's surveillance video saw what Woods' getaway car looked like and later pulled him over. They told the media that the suspect was recently released from state prison.

Woods has denied being in the location and even interfering with anyone. He is facing kidnapping charges.

I didn't bother nobody, I was never there, he said, as reported by reported that Woods is from Austell and was out on parole for a voluntary manslaughter conviction. The station also reported that Woods confessed to murdering his uncle in 2004 as part of a plea deal. He was released from jail last October regarding that case after serving four years out of the seven-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter.

Neighbors told the station that Woods was living with his father in a small trailer in a campground near Austell, working daily and adhering to the rules.

If this can help save another kid, then that would help save somebody else, Georgeann Baxter, the girl's mother said of the Stranger Danger teaching.

You try to get away and go tell somebody that you trust, Brittney Baxter said.

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