We have “Girl Meets World” news that will surely have new fans and old squealing in their seats! According to reports, a former “Boy Meets World” star will be making a cameo during the coming season that airs this summer — and it’s Minkus!

You remember Stuart Minkus, right? Played by the actor Lee Norris, he was the dorky yet lovable nerd in Cory’s sixth grade class. Due to his witty ways, most of Minkus’ classmates, including Cory and Shawn, saw him as a bit of an outcast. Minkus was repeatedly made fun of through the series but never held back on fighting fire with clever comebacks. What a heartthrob!

Norris will reprise his character on the Disney Channel’s highly anticipated series, created by Michael Jacobs. Are you curious to find out what Minkus will be doing decades later? So are we! And luckily for fans, we’ve got a sneak peak promo picture that may help answer some of those questions.

Girl Meets World season 1 spoilers Lee Norris will be reprising his role as Minkus on "Girl Meets World." Photo: Girl Meets World

Ah, the classic Minkus style. We love it! And apparently Norris is just as thrilled that fans are so head-over-heels for his character to appear in the sequel.

"I've had a great time being back on set with some of my old friends," Norris told E! News. "It still amazes me how many people love and remember Minkus, and I'm excited for the fans to catch up with him after all these years."

What exactly has Norris been doing since we last saw him studying? You might recognize him from his stint on the long-running CW series “One Tree Hill.” Norris played the role of Mouth, who resembled his “Boy Meets World” character. Marvin “Mouth” McFadden was the most popular nerd of Tree Hill High School. Sound like an oxymoron, we know—but it’s true! Prior to finding a role in the popular clique, Mouth was a sports news anchor who reported on stories about Tree Hill High’s athletic teams. But just because he sat on the sidelines didn’t mean he wasn’t involved in the high school drama!

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