Gisele Bundchen might be married to one of America's most famous quarterbacks, but she is the world's most famous supermodel.

The stunning Brazilian was discovered by a modeling scout at the tender age of 14 while shopping at a local mall in Brazil. From that time on, the bodacious beauty's star rose higher and higher. Today, she is poised to become the world's first billionaire supermodel.

She was one of the first Brazilian models to reach spectacular success. Since then, a wave of other South American beauties has followed. But, the 31-year-old was surely the trendsetter. When Vogue editor Anna Wintour dubbed her model of the millennium, everyone could have predicted Gisele would become a household name.

Gisele represented not only a cultural shift in the modeling world, but a physical one. Before her, in the 1990s, the heroin-chic look ruled the runways. With models like Kate Moss and James King in high-demand, and actresses like Calista Flockhart and Winona Ryder on the small and silver screens, everyone wanted waif-thin beauties.

Then, Gisele Bundchen came along -- with bronzed skin, thick flowing hair and curves -- and turned everything upside down. Vogue called her debut the return of the sexy model. We agree.

The supermodel was set up with Tom Brady by a mutual friend. She and Brady married in 2009 in an intimate ceremony in Santa Monica, Calif. The two currently reside in their custom-built $20 million mansion with their two-year-old son, Benjamin.

Gisele will be in Indianapolis to support her main man Brady as his Patriots take on the New York Giants at Sunday's Super Bowl 2012. But, she does not belong on a football field; she belongs on a runway. Let us take a look at Gisele Bundchen's sexiest runway moments. You're welcome.