Fox released a ton of new “Glee” Season 6 spoilers this week, and some fans were left scratching their heads in confusion. The musical comedy is heading back to Ohio, and apparently so are all of the characters who were building successful lives in New York. And that's not all -- the show will have a six-month time jump, according to TV Line. Check out four shocking plotlines for the final season of "Glee":

1. Rachel Revives New Directions: As previously reported, Rachel will be the new Will Schuester. She’ll be leading the New Directions, which wasn’t exactly part of her life plan. It was a dream for Finn, and we’re still wondering if maybe Rachel is trying to fulfill Finn’s dreams. Sure, Rachel would probably go home for a visit after failing as a TV actress, but leading New Directions seems a little permanent. Giving up on her dreams and going home just doesn’t seem like a very Rachel Berry thing to do.

2. Everyone Goes Back To Lima: After Cory Monteith’s death, “Glee” wrapped up the Ohio story lines and shifted focus to the New York characters. It seemed like the show would follow the “Glee” kids going after their dreams, but something is going to bring them all back home with Rachel. The Season 6 synopsis makes it clear that Rachel will return home after a “humiliating failure as a TV actress,” but why does everyone else come home? A six-month time jump would mean that Blaine, Kurt and Artie are still in college. Rumors are circulating that Blaine is actually at Dalton Academy leading the Warblers while Kurt is helping Rachel with New Directions. Did NYADA close? Why would everyone drop out at the same time? 

3. Sue Bans The Arts At McKinley: Just when fans thought that story line finally died, “Glee” wants to once again explore how Sue does not support the arts in public schools. It’s not a shocking story line in itself, but the fact that this is an arc once again for the umpteenth time is a surprising choice.

4. Karofsky’s Romantic Return: Dave Karofsky disappeared after his suicide attempt in Season 3. The former bully struggled with his own sexuality and bullied Kurt, but Kurt forgave Karofsky for his actions (which included kissing Kurt against his will and then threatening to kill him). Viewers haven’t seen Karofsky since, but apparently he has set his sights on Blaine, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It looks like Kurt and Blaine will break up and Dave will be Blaine’s new love interest. Messing with the show’s core couple is sure to alienate some hardcore fans (or Klainers, as they like to call themselves). “Glee” Season 6 will only be 13 episodes, so some fans are a little concerned that the writers want to break up Kurt and Blaine with so little time left in the series.

“Glee” Season 6 will premiere on Fox in 2015. How do you feel about the new spoilers? Does it make you excited or nervous for the final season? Sound off in the comments section below!