While the cast of Glee play a group of unpopular high school students that get tormented in the hallways of McKinley High, these so-called geeks have made history.

The hit television show Glee has made history as now it holds the title of having more songs on Billboard's Hot 100 chart than anyone else.

The TV phenomenon has now even surpassed Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and The Beatles with the number of songs it has on the charts.

The show broke this record despite existing only 18 months. This week Glee had six songs on the charts, which gave them a total of 113 songs on the chart. Elvis, who is in second place, had only 108.

While Billboard.com reported that the show will start featuring some original content, most of the songs performed on the FOX show are covers of already popular songs.

While this is quite a feat for the hit show, it is important that these numbers be kept in perspective.

The show's popularity cannot be denied, but the cast of Glee do not sing original content. It's one thing to be able to sell the songs, and another to have written them. It's unfair to claim that one artist is more popular than the others because the level of the playing field is not equal.

In addition, the times have changed.

The Billboard Hot 100 is based off radio play and sales. Selling music is a lot easier nowadays. With iTunes, all it takes is a few clicks and 99 cents. When Elvis and The Beatles were breaking records, they did not have the luxury of iTunes.