Today, Global 8 Environmental Technologies, Inc., a company committed to promoting environmental consciousness, announced that the company’s president and CEO, Julio Ferreira, will be travelling to Brazil in the near future. In Brazil, Mr. Ferreira will meet and conduct a series of conferences with many prominent business leaders, investors and government officials.

Mr. Ferreira’s solid reputation in Brazil comes from his existing working relationships that span several decades. Mr. Ferreira’s collaboration and dedication in the areas of environment, marketing, and public relations have enabled Global 8’s exciting launch into the Brazilian market. The program will boost new standards for the unsustainable environmental crisis in Brazil.

Mr. Ferreira is expecting a substantial number of investors to participate in this exciting program. The program will facilitate the creation of an individual Investment Fund and will be licensed by Global 8 for its Environmental Technology Centers (ETC).

Mr. Ferreira commented, “We see continued growth on the horizon for our Brazilian market along with greater need for responsiveness in the environment arena. This new effort will enable us to license Environmental Technology Centers in Brazil and allow us to acquire patents and license technologies covering the biofuels industry. We will deliver the most innovative and complete technology solutions with shorter lead times and high levels of quality, safety and cost-efficiency around the world.”

Global 8’s solutions will lay the solid foundations that will optimize production and costs for stakeholders while expanding opportunities for investment within its vast region. Global 8’s vision focuses on combining the complementary technologies and capabilities of ETC, which will lead innovations in the four elements of nature, Earth (BioOrganics), Air (AirFlow), Fire (BioEnergy) and Water (WaterFlow).

Edmar Lopez, of LAVOR E LOPES CONSULTORES ASSOCIADOS LTDA , stated, “We feel very fortunate and extremely confident of the benefits we will have from Global 8 Environmental Technology Centers (ETC) solutions; we will be joining forces with such a well regarded and state-of-the-art technology solutions. Global 8 shares our vision and commitment to both technical and service excellence, and we’ll be able to meet the needs of Brazilian waste management, water and sewage treatment more efficiently.”