Three of the world's largest brewers, including Heineken, Carlsberg and Anheuser-Busch InBev are collaborating on Sept. 18 and beyond to lead the Global Beer Responsibility Day, or GBRD. The three brewery giants are being accompanied by a number of local brewers and beer associations from around the world.

GBRD is an effort to raise awareness about the harms associated with alcohol, and to promote responsible consumption of beer. This month's event marks the annual initiative's first year, and will particularly focus on highlighting the harmful uses of alcohol. GBRD has been just one of the methods by which the brewers have pledged to promote responsible consumption of their products around the globe in a year.

“We know that by coordinating our activities and by making Global Beer Responsibility Day a truly collaborative effort, we can achieve much greater reach and impact with our programs than if each of us acts alone,” said Carlos Brito, CEO at Anheuser-Busch InBev, in a press release.

“In fact, we look forward to continuing to work with any interested partners to develop programs that promote responsible and moderate consumption.”

On this day and beyond, the brewers are planning to activate their 60,000 employees spread across 62 different countries. The selected workforce will be responsible for conducting several community activities on drunken driving and underage consumption. The aim of the brewers is to engage nearly 10 million consumers and retailers through such activities.

GBRD has been envisioned as an annual industrywide initiative wherein several such activities will be conducted by the brewers, retailers, wholesalers, NGOs and government officials. A number of programs associated with harmful use of alcohol, underage driving, drunken driving and consumer education are expected to be launched Friday, Sept. 18.