Yesterday, the world’s leading telecommunications information company Global Capacity, Inc., announced that its “Software as a Service” (SaaS) line earned positive results in 2009, including a promising start for the recently released GCPrice. Leveraging its proprietary telecom industry information across 195 countries and six continents, the SaaS line uses online interfaces that allow customers access to its knowledge engine. The process increases efficiency and reduces cost.

This past year, SaaS product sales increased 16.9%. The company attributes the growth to its 18 new and upgraded clients, counting among them leading integrators and global telecommunication providers. Further, SaaS delivered strong renewals to existing clients and increased functionality of the SaaS products and services.

Improvements to the SaaS products, including multi-user functionality and the use of operational research, delivered greater effectiveness and efficiencies for customers. In the past year, the modifying and rewriting of algorithms associated with operational research resulted in savings of up to 40% for customers worldwide.

The leaders of Global Capacity’s SaaS line of business, Nigel Meacham, Managing Director of Information Systems and Ted Kunkel, General Manager for the Software Group, are excited for the forthcoming opportunities in Global Capacity’s horizons.

Meacham commented, “We are pleased with the traction our Software as a Service line of business is receiving in the marketplace. Demand stems from all reaches of the world and inquiries have come from six continents. The customer needs range from fast turnaround to supporting quotation requests to optimization analysis.”

“Even in the face of global economic challenges, Software as a Service customer opportunities continue to expand,” added Kunkel. “The need for global telecom pricing systems and custom software that empowers expense control and streamlined operations is a compelling requirement.”