Global Entertainment Holdings is a company that has started to gain acclaim as a renowned worldwide entertainment organization. In a short period of time, Global had evolved into an international presence with a multitude of domestic and foreign affiliates. Today, Global took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement that Daniel Sherkow will be the new Chief Operating Officer of their wholly-owned subsidiary Global Universal Entertainment.

Daniel Sherkow is an acclaimed producer and financier of major motion pictures and has led a variety of successful productions throughout his distinguished career. Sherkow is known for creating cutting-edge productions for both television and the ‘Big Screen.”

Following senior management positions at NBC and Time-Life Films, Sherkow produced the feature motion picture “SUSPECT” which starred such names as Cher, Dennis Quaid and Liam Neeson. This film also showcased a recognized writer, Eric Roth, who is best known for writing the hit “Forrest Gump.” More recently, Sherkow produced and financed the feature motion picture “BEING MICHAEL MADSEN.”

Leading the way at Global Entertainment Holdings is Gary Rasmussen who serves as the company’s CEO. When asked what the addition of Daniel Sherkow will mean to Global, Rasmussen was quoted as saying, “Our U.S. film operations will now be lead by a man that knows every facet of the entertainment and motion picture business. Dan has arranged financing and produced successful and award winning films for ABC, NBC and CBS television, Time-Life Films, Paramount Pictures, Tri-Star Pictures, and Dick Clark Productions. Dan has also produced numerous successful Broadway projects and has advised foreign concerns such as Seoul Movie, the Korean animation company and The China Film Group, Corp., the official government agency of The People’s Republic of China, on financing, distribution and production of major motion pictures.”

Currently, Global is trading in the $0.02 range. With the addition of Sherkow, a leader such as Rasmussen in place and many exciting features in their production line, Global Entertainment Holdings is a company to keep an eye on. To learn more about the addition of Daniel Sherkow or about productions in the company’s pipeline, visit Global Entertainment’s website at:

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