MUMBAI (Commodity Online): Global grain output is forecasted to be at 1.60 billion metric tons in 2010-11 period due to expected increase in production in US, South America and Australia, according to Germany-based analytical firm, FO Licht.

Licht adjusted wheat and maize harvests higher for the 2010-11 crop marketing year while barley output was lowered. The global maize crop at about 804 million tons will be the largest on record; wheat production at 658.8 million tons will be the third largest of all time; and barley at 139.90 million tons will be slightly lower than the five-year average, the firm said.

The firm previously forecast in May a 1.2% drop in global grain production to 1.59 billion tons for the year ending June 30, 2011 compared with 1.61 million tons in the current 2009-10 marketing year.

Global grain production is now expected to slip 0.4% in 2010-11.

In Europe crops have been revised down modestly due to adverse weather, including overly wet conditions in the east, and dry areas in France.