This week, Global Investor Services, Inc. announced that it has launched a new website for its flagship product InvestView. The website is designed to enhance customer experience by providing a more visually appealing, logical and informative framework of InvestView’s products and benefits.

Additionally, Global announced that it has implemented the “Investview Road Map” to support its growing customer base. The “InvestView Roadmap” will give members a clear path to their investor education and quick access to the most powerful and commonly used tools in the InvestView platform.

Global has activated additional lead channels in its marketing campaigns, resulting in reduced lead cost and increased lead flow. This strategy increases the number of consumers who experience InvestView products, furthering brand awareness. In the past two months, the company’s marketing investment in new lead channels has generated more than 3,000 new prospective customer leads.

Nick Maturo, CEO of Global Investor Services, commented, “We are pleased at the progress we are making in implementing our online strategy. Having completed the transition to online in our education program and customer interface activities, this current phase of converting all marketing and sales to online is well underway, the results of which are becoming evident through increased lead flow, lower lead costs and higher product margins. We will continue to invest our resources in online marketing campaigns to expand the number of leads generated and to further reduce customer acquisition costs.”