Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday evening was largely praised by global media. Here is a sampling of how some foreign media outlets responded to the First Lady’s speech:

“The star of the show was Michelle Obama - her popularity rating is sky-high compared with her husband's. It was a skilful speech and an interesting contrast to Ann Romney's. Both women stressed their husband's compassion. Both talked lovingly about their love. Both talked about their early life with their husbands in relative poverty… But the First Lady's speech, unlike Mrs. Romney's, was highly political. She made the case that President Obama's personal story drove his politics and made him compassionate.”

“Her speech hit all the ‘stand by my man’ notes: Obama as loving husband; doting father; man of honor, integrity and courage; self-made success; the quintessential American et al. And yet her turn on the stage generated more tweets than Mitt Romney’s acceptance of the Republican nomination. First Ladies are hugely important in American politics, receiving nearly as much scrutiny as their husbands. Or more so, since everything they say, do, and wear has to be just right. Above all, they must be well-liked, more so than their husbands.”
--First Post (India)

“Michelle Obama’s passionate speech urges voters to renew their vows… With her passionately told story of a love that has endured and grown, the first lady launched Barack Obama’s re-election bid.”
--The Guardian (UK)

“Michelle Obama wows convention with passionate speech.”
--TV3 (Ireland)

“By the time Michele Obama took to the podium, the crowd was already primed, having realized that something special and unexpected was going on. Then she brought the house down with an exquisitely delivered speech that was described by gushing pundits as the best ever by a First Lady, perhaps one of the best ever, period.”
--Haaretz (Israel)

“Michelle Obama’s address was the Democrats’ answer to Romney’s wife, Ann, who gave a highly personal account of her husband in trying to present a more human side to him at the Republicans’ convention… The popular Mrs. Obama laced her speech with what seemed to be subtle digs at Romney but mostly kept her focus on her husband, recalling their early days together.”
--Japan Today