The Asian trading session was very gloomy and pessimistic today, amid the absence of the Asian region news, as most of the major Asian currencies were trading in a narrow negative range today, yet South Korea released unexpected positive data today.

As, South Korea's manufacturers' confidence advanced to its highest levels in almost six months, as result for signs that the outlook for global growth is improving.

Yet, the IMF predicted that there will be a modest growth in the U.S., along with a mild recession in Europe, however there will be a continuation of a comfortable level of growth in Asia with a soft landing in China.

Turning to the currencies, which seems that it negatively affected by the latest global updates , along with China's latest turbulences.

Starting with the New Zealand dollar, where the New Zealand dollar retreated against the U.S. dollar, as the NZD / USD recorded its lowest level today at 0.8181, and recorded its highest at 0.8205, and currently its trading at 0.8185.

Moving to the AUD, where so-called Aussie retreated against the U.S. dollar, and it's currently trading around 1.0424, as it reached its highest level at 1.466 and lowest at 1.0421.

Moving to the Japanese currency, as the USD/JPY pair retreated against the U.S. dollar, as it is currently trading around 83.08, yet it recorded its highest at 83.21 and lowest at 82.86.

Heading to Europe, as Europe has an important data to be released, where United Kingdom will release the final reading for the fourth-quarter GDP along with the fourth quarter current account.