General Motors Corp CEO Fritz Henderson said Monday in a conference call the company was looking at everything in response to question about whether automater planning to move headquarters. Highlights:

* CEO says target to have outline for deal for European operations 'slightly

before the end of this month'

* CEO says wants German government to approve any partner for Opel

* CEO says need for German government to fund Opel

* CEO says has 'urgent' needs for funding for European business

* CEO says to start notifying dealers about closures later this week

* CEO says automaker has indicated willingness to take a minority

position in restructured European operations

* CEO says in dialogue with UAW

* CEO says no comment on whether GM would consider selling stake in Latin

American operations to Fiat

* CEO says has no plans to modify debt exchange offer

* CEO says negotiating with two parties to reach deal on Hummer

* CEO says guidance given by U.S. Treasury on debt exchange remains

in effect

* CEO says number of parties have emerged who are interested in taking over

Saturn operations

* CEO says will wind down Pontiac brand

* CEO says automaker talking to a number of interested bidders on SAAB

* CEO says won't comment on future vauxhall operations

* CEO says doesn't anticipate any significant changes with regard to

timing of planned plant closures

* CEO says finalizing specific plans to dealer closures this week

* CEO says dealer reductions will require rest of 2009

* CEO says open to reexamining overseas production plan in dialogue

with UAW

* CEO says examining possibility of producing 7.5 percent of U.S.

sales, or about 235,000 vehicles, outside North America