I am writing this article in utter frustration having attempted the Graduate Management Admission Test on 3 previous occassions and not ever been close once to the perfect GMAT score of 800. I even contemplated on giving up my GMAT prep this year and thought of relinquishing the dream I had for myself and my ambitions of getting a crack at any of the top B-Schools. GMAT scores like 550 which I achieved stand no chance at all.

I read this quote in one of the quick books (forgot the title) I scanned at the library I've been visiting for the past many years. It went something like this:  

“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.”

 That is when I spoke to myself and decided to give GMAT one final shot this year. However, I knew deep down that I would have to completely alter the redundant GMAT prep that I was so used to by now and think different.

I realized something somewhere was going horribly wrong with my GMAT prep. I was absolutely dependent on GMAT books all the while never realizing that to ace the GMAT I had to re-invent my GMAT prep and include more. I have now went into an overdrive, interacted with a few GMAT gurus online and dug up my brother Google to unearth a repository of knowledge which guides you on practical approaches towards the GMAT. What I learnt is what I intend to share through this article. 

 My GMAT Prep had gone wrong because of:

 1.Over-dependence on GMAT books

 2.Poor time management

 3.Not taking online GMAT mock tests, gmat sample test, etc.

 4.Not being right with the basics like leaving unfinished questions

 5.Being stressful throughout the journey.


Having learnt my lessons the hard way, now I intend to have a calculated approach keeping in mind the above GMAT pitfalls to avoid and even if I fail this time I would surely be a GMAT winner for giving it my best shot. Wish me luck guys.

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