Math (PS)

If Large{@}large{Y}Large{@} , what is the last digit of Large{@}large{(}Large{@}large{4}Large{@}large{)}Large{@} ?

(A) 8
(B) 6
(C) 4
(D) 2
(E) 1

OA and Explanation

Verbal (CR)

The reason much refrigerated food spoils is that it ends up out of sight at the back of the shelf. So why not have round shelves that rotate? Because such rotating shelves would have just the same sort of drawback, since things would fall off the shelves' edges into the rear corners.

Which of the following is presupposed in the argument against introducing rotating shelves?

(A) Refrigerators would not be made so that their interior space is cylindrical.
(B) Refrigerators would not be made to have a window in front for easy viewing of their contents without opening the door.
(C) The problem of spoilage of refrigerated food is not amenable to any solution based on design changes.
(D) Refrigerators are so well designed that there are bound to be drawbacks to any design change.
(E) Rotating shelves would be designed to rotate only while the refrigerator door was open.

OA and Explanation