I am sure many of you would've started the new year on a resolution to excel in the GMAT exam. Be it first timers or if you are taking the GMAT again to better your previous attempts, the goal of every GMAT taker is to get glory in GMAT. Afterall it is the GMAT score that they obtain which becomes an important determinant of whether an examinee gets a shot at a leading Business School or not.

The GMAT exam fascinates me for an important reason which is that the benchmarks set are quite high. Therefore, one cannot afford to have a slip and needs to be on their toes ensuring that the GMAT prep or the GMAT strategy which they adopt is in tune with the times and helps them in sailing through this important milestone. GMAT is not for the averages and the average GMAT scores are rarely factored into by leading B-Schools across the globe. Therefore, the race to be as close as possible to the perfect score of 800, the maximum that one can obtain gets really heated up. The pressure to perfrom and excel at the same time is enormous and must be brought to check. Panic never produces results.

GMAT takers need to have an ace GMAT strategy up their sleeves which is methodical and consistent at the same time. Stress has no room here. The strategy should incorporate elements such as mastering time management skills, a schedule oriented approach, staying in tune with the latest and ensuring participation in a few mock exams prior to their D-day where one can put their GMAT preparations and time management skills in particular to test. GMAT tips from someone who has sailed in the boat can help at the same time make sure you don't fall for the known GMAT pitfalls. Even though GMAT is a computer adaptive test in which the difficulty level of the exam increases based on the skill levels of the examinee it is advised to get hands on popular GMAT books for reference and practising the three important sections namely Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Quantitative Section and Verbal Section.

 So as they say practice, practice and practice till you get your act right. At the same time make sure not to overburden yourself with unrealistic expectations and know when to call it an 'Exit' when you have not suceedeed for a long time. This is not the end of the Road. All the best folks!

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