GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), the name says it all.

The GMAT test is an important entry point in to various graduate management program offered by leading B-schools. The race to finish amongst the high GMAT scores is really one battle worth a view if you are not involved yourself. However, with me its different. Cracking the GMAT has been my obsession for the past 2 years now. It is not that I have failed or not been up to the mark in my previous attempts. Well, the benchmark or expectations out of every GMAT taker are really sky high.

Having completed my GMAT registration 2 years back I was sure I will sail through in the first go. Well, I thought I had an ace GMAT prep under my belt to achieve my target. I had mugged up online resources and all I got was a GMAT score of 600 which was not enough to assure me a seat in my target business school. And I tried again the next year which was again a quote unquote disappointment, fetching me a GMAT score of 614. That is when I told myself that my target GMAT score is 700+ and I will get there no matter what. Period!

To achieve my target GMAT score I knew I had to overhaul a lot of wrongs in my GMAT prep and come up with an ace winning GMAT strategies to scale the Everest. I got in touch with a GMAT guru who was a top GMAT coach and learnt some basic strategies which I intend to touch upon with this write-up.

Because of the online and adaptive nature of the GMAT I was told to be in tune and improve my time management skills. I did this by introducing online GMAT mock tests in my GMAT prep. I have also discarded outdated GMAT books and now I am only consulting top GMAT books which is bound to have a positive impact on my GMAT prep.

These tips from my GMAT guru has surely helped me and I am sure the results would now reflect on my GMAT test schedule.

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I am a GMAT Student and preparing to ace the GMAT , I mostly prefer WinningPrep's GMAT books for my GMAT Prep.

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