You may recall that President Obama has appointed a Pay Czar to review the compensation packages enjoyed by executives working for companies suckling on the TARP-shaped teat. As Bloomberg reports, Feinberg, the Obama administration's 'special master' on executive pay, is due to receive compensation proposals by tomorrow from Citigroup Inc., American International Group Inc., Chrysler LLC, Chrysler Financial Corp., Bank of America, GMAC LLC and General Motors Corp. The companies must tell him how they plan to pay the 25 top-earning employees. Feinberg will rule on the plans within 60 days after they're completed . . . In a second phase, Feinberg will decide on pay packages for the next 75 highest-paid employees at the companies. In anticipation of the gravy train pulling into the station, Chrysler said it will adhere to the requirements outlined in its $12 billion U.S. government bailout-presumably as long as they don't apply to their new Italian employees (wink wink). GM, the recipient of $65 billion in U.S. aid, said today that it has submitted its proposals. It doesn't plan to make the submission public. Looks like GM CEO Fritz Henderson had his fingers crossed when he promised-under oath before the Senate-that the nationalized automaker would be transparent to taxpayers. Huh.