Last night's Montreal Canadiens-Boston Bruins match up was a wild one: the teams combined for 14 goals and 182 penalty minutes, and a week after Brent Johnson ended Rick DiPietro's season with one punch, the NHL saw another pair of goalies fighting.

Well, to call it fighting is putting it generously. During the 2nd period, a scrum broke out on the ice and goalies Carey Price and Tim Thomas skated towards each other in anticipation. However, the two didn't appear to actually want to fight. They merely grappled and pulled off each other's jerseys while flailing around. Here's video.

Price was equally apathetic about the fight following the game. I think we were just play-fighting more than anything. Neither of us really wanted to get hurt, but we are out there doing whatever we had to do, I guess.

Both players received seven-minutes worth of penalties for their altercation.

This fight was nowhere near as brutal as Pittsburgh Penguin backup goalie Brent Johnson knocking out New York Islanders' goalie Rick DiPietro. In that one, DiPietro sustained facial fractures and is expected to miss between four and six weeks.