A bird watching tour is a fantastic way of seeing unusual birds in
their natural habitats all under the eye of a local guide. If you've
never been on a bird watching or any other holiday tour then there are
many great reasons to do so.

Travelling on your own can not only
be lonely but it can also be unsafe in some parts of the world. By
joining a specialist tour group you will meet like minded people and
get the opportunity to visit places you may otherwise not have found by

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An organised tour is also a good way of budgeting for
your holiday. There is nothing worse than finding that you have run out
of cash half way through a holiday but as you pay upfront for a tour
and usually everything is included in the price such as park entrance
fees you will not have that to worry about. A tour may also be cheaper
than sorting out a holiday yourself as your operator can often get
group discounts.

Your tour operator will also be able to help you
sort out any difficulties you may encounter such as problems with
accommodation, border checks or even unscrupulous taxi drivers. Your
tour operator and guide will also have local knowledge and be able to
advise you on the best places to eat and drink and visit if you want to
spend any time away from the group. However, it is recommended that you
spend as much time as possible with your party as the excursions that
they lead you on will help make your holiday even more enjoyable.

local guide will have excellent knowledge of the local area and habitat
of the indigenous birds and you it is likely that you will be taken to
places where you will be able to spot rare species. Before you go buy a
guide book and read up on the local flora and fauna. Make a checklist
of the birds you would like to see and don't be afraid to ask your
guide if he or she can help you find these birds. If you are travelling
in a small group your operator may be able to customise your tour and
will certainly try their best to accommodate your needs.

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Take a
good pair of binoculars, a digital camera and sketch pad. If you see a
bird that you are unable to identify out in the field, make some notes
and ask your fellow birders or your guide when you are back at the

Going on a bird watching tour is an extremely efficient
way of seeing as many different species in a short a time as possible.
You will be taken to locations at the best times of day to view
different birds so you will not waste time waiting around or miss that
all important rare sighting.

Choose a tour operator that is fully
bonded and insured so if there are any problems you will be able to get
home safely. However, do take out full adventure travel insurance and
make sure you have any required jabs.