Gold price is slightly increasing today as the dollar weakened; its value reached $873.90 an ounce. Therefore, always having in mind that the dollar and the gold have an inverse relation; the safe yellow asset is consequently regaining its appeal as a hedge against a weak dollar seducing investors towards it and being a sort of a substitute asset to the U.S currency.

The crude market is also faintly gaining having oil prices reaching a high of $132.60 a barrel. This is due deeply to the dollar that lost grounds which made investments directly swap from the green currency to oil targeting higher returns .Though the International Energy Agency proclaimed that the global crude demand is lower, the fading dollar supported the incline of oil prices.

The US dollar vaguely decreased in correctional movements after gaining massively against majors since the beginning of the week. This light decrease in the green currency played a major role in supporting the increase of the gold and oil prices, giving strong appeal back to these two in the market.