With the gold price at an all time high, the allure of gold bullion now has a new perspective from a group of artists at Europe’s only Chinese Arts centre. Independent artists from Foreign Investment art group are creating a playful new project called “Everything must go” to re-design “Gold”, the most traditional premium metal in the world in the Chinese Art Centre with a highly engaged approach.

The whole project aims to connect the centre with the public through a special interactive experience with gold. The visitors get a chance to engage themselves in a process where they are involved as supplier, producer and investor. At different stages of this interactive exhibition, visitors experience how a useless objective becomes an unexpected precious artwork through the magical touch of pure gold. Manchester and SEO London / digital marketing agency, Bite digital have sponsored the exhibition with their support.

At the beginning, people are invited to donate their unwanted consumer objects. The objects must have a hard surface and cannot be bigger than a football. Afterwards, the talented artists with a group of local volunteers apply traditional gold-gild techniques to “upgrade” the objects. Finally, the shiny golden goods are put on sale to the public through a mystery raffle art sale.

Through applying gold as a transformation medium, the project seeks to find out the answer of “How an objective is valued and to challenge the established setting of commercial exchange though disrupting its generosity”. The gold plated items will be priced on the basis of the time that has been spent on making them. The final product price will be the hours multiple with the minimum wage in the UK.

Ying Kwok, Chines Arts Centre curator, said: “Gold has been traditionally considered as a perfect way to invest and protect fortune, becoming a “crisis insurance” against any potential economic disasters. On the other hand, gold also is a perfect media to express artists’ inspiration with its shimmering glory and beautiful colour.”

Declan Cosgrove, joint managing director of Bite Digital, added: “The key competitive advantage of Bite is that we have an established China team locally. With an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture and business intelligence, we are working with local companies which want to discover the over whelming opportunities in the Chinese market, or Chinese companies in the UK. The cooperation between Bite Digital and Chinese Arts Centre is a natural step, as we all are doing something to enhance the exchange between the east and the west. This campaign is very inspired and we are pleased to be able to add to it in our own small way.”

The exhibition will take place at the Chinese Arts Centre at Manchester from now on till the 17 September.