FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - U.S. non farm payrolls have dropped by 11.K in November, beating experts expectations of a 111K decline and posting the best record since December 2007, which has weighed on Gold prices and Yen crosses, while the Dollar has soared across the board.

Gold prices have retreated further from all time high at $1,227 oz reached on Asian trade, as the commodity value fell from levels around $1.207 oz to session low at 1,185 oz to bounce up to levels around $1,197 oz at the moment of writing.

The Dollar has soared across the board, with EUR/USD dropping about 170 pips right after the release of NFP data dropping from levels around 1.5080 to 1.4910 low. GBP/USD retreated from 1.6675 session high to 1.6545 immediately after NFP data was released, and USD/CHF has soared from 0.9980 to a fresh week high at 1.0110.

Yen crosses have dropped on improved risk appetite, with USD/JPY extending its recovery from 84.80 low in November 27, soaring from levels around 88.30 to a fresh 2-week high at 89.90. GBP/JPY jumped from 147.30 to 148.90 and the EUR/JPY soared from 133.05 to 134.30.