One minute, gold is being bashed by a parade of experts across the TV screen proclaiming the gold bull market is over. The next minute, Gold is deserving of its own TV Special and cleverly disguised ads for Gold Stocks, Gold ETFs . . . in general, paper gold.

To see gold cast in such a brilliant light in the media causes me to pause and wonder. Has the media finally capitulated? As I write, a giant headline appeared on TV, The New Gold Rush! Talk about an about face from a hundred references to a Gold Bubble. Something is different.

Perhaps the media is just finally tired of being chumped by gold's resilience and unstoppable climb higher. Personally, I think it's a little bit of that but with a little twist. Believe it or not, TV is in the business of TV to sell advertising. Where once, monster banks and gigantic publicly held companies could spend millions building image, budgets for branding aren't quite so fat anymore.

If gold is going to be the new investor darling, constant reminders that gold prices could be crashing do not make for a very conducive environment for gold advertising. Hence, a slight change in attitude. We could be seeing a case where the cheerleaders have quit their team and gone to the other side of the field.

What's next? A Gold ETF reality show? A sweepstakes to win a FREE trip to a gold mine? In China, citizens are instructed to buy a little gold to protect against uncertainties in the markets and the economy. What do you think would happen here, if anyone -- I mean ANYONE in any official capacity, came out and said, hey folks, in case you haven't noticed, we're having a little technical difficulty in our economy and our markets, maybe you should own a few pieces of gold and silver?

I doubt we'll ever hear that exactly. You're going to have to read between the lines to get the message. Unless, of course, you just believe me when I tell you go get a few pieces of gold and silver because, in case you haven't noticed, things are a little rough in Mudville.

I suspect what will ensue in the media, is the classic Physical Gold vs. Gold Stocks or ETFs arguments. Suffice it to say, I have my opinions and you'll hear plenty of them. Aside from that, however, I see all gold investors benefiting from the added attention now being given to Gold. I see the time has arrived when gold is revered not reviled, respected not rejected.

No longer will gold investors be only those who constantly predict doom and gloom but those who accept the reality that we are in debt so deep, the only way out is through printing of massive amounts of money. I believe the goal is to inflate our way out of debt. I have shown the markets want it, the Fed supports it and the administration demands it. This all creates an environment where gold thrives and the price booms.

Is it too late to own gold? Not in my opinion. To me it looks like the time has come to embrace the hero that has come to rescue savings and retirement accounts from the disintegrating effects inflation can have on the purchasing power of your savings and retirement accounts. So what if you've saved a few hundred thousand dollars if it takes a wheelbarrow full of cash to buy a loaf of bread. The time has come to develop your own strategy for diversifying at least a portion of your assets into gold.